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Carolyn Rose Hart, International Speaker, Confidence Coach  

Mindset. Transformational Success. Breaking through.

Throughout her life, Carolyn has first-hand experience facing challenges and adversity. She has traveled the world to explore her own dramatic breakthrough transformation. From adversity, to healing, to moving forward with grace and confidence.

Carolyn has been a group speaker on-stage and virtually for over 40 years. She empowers others to gain clarity around their vision and values while helping them to find actionable steps towards achieving their goals. Audiences come away with the confidence to achieve powerful results, experiencing their own breakthrough transformations.

“I found Carolyn’s coaching to be thought-provoking and motivational. She helped me build confidence in my abilities and shift my focus to a more constructive mindset.” – Cody Neyens, PE, Civil Engineer, DOE/WAPA

As a Coach, I work side by side with individuals who would like to be change agents extraordinaire in their business, their lives and in society. 

My unique style of coaching will identify what stops you and what moves you forward the specific actions you can take right now to boost your confidence, improve your resilience and help you achieve even greater success. If life is the dance floor, are you ready to be the music?

Pivot Your Life

Pivot Your Life

The dragon you fear to face holds the treasure you seek.



Leveraging what you are good at with what you are passionate about can make the difference you want to make.

About Carolyn Rose Hart


Curiosity, Compassion and Confidence.

Carolyn Rose Hart Speaks

International Speaker

The world needs people who are awake.

“Carolyn Rose Hart of Step Up Step Out ® has proven to be a very valuable resource to me both professionally and personally! Carolyn brings a warm, professional demeanor to her sessions and skillfully works with her clients to move beyond the detritus that kept me from stepping into my full potential and balance. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to create changes in their life rather than just talking about them!” – Tracy M. McIlrath, Executive Success Partner

My coaching will change your life.

What would it take for you to flow through your challenges and see yourself thriving on the other side?