Translate Stinking Thinking into Translatable Gratitude

Translate Stinking Thinking by shifting fear to gratitude for Mother Earth.

There is nothing wrong in life except the way we translate our thinking. We can use our thinking in an empowering or disempowering way. Empowered thinking is expansive with possibilities. Disempowered thinking is contractive, has few possibilities and is a lower frequency. So often, I think everything is ‘tanking’ and then BOOM…such amazing things come out of what appeared to be awful. Thinking more empowering thoughts is like buying an outcome you want.

Facts are just facts. I remember once having a conversation with the CEO of a company that teaches the principles of success. I was lamenting facts in my life and how I just couldn’t see a way out of them and couldn’t shift to what I wanted. To quote him he said, “Listen to what you are saying. Now I’d like to invite you to translate  everything you just said by writing the sentences on a piece of paper one sentence per line. Then go back to each sentence and indicate if it was of high frequency or low frequency.” By then I knew about frequency in relation to my life but this was new to relate frequency to my language.

The good student that I am, I did exactly as he told me to do. Next, he asked me to circle each sentence that was of high frequency. Out of my 20 sentences, I had 4 high frequency sentences. The rest were condition based with no opportunity for what I would love to happen. I was just whining and complaining thus sending a signal to the Universe that I wanted more constriction, anxiety and worry. Up until that exercise, I wasn’t even aware that I was mirroring constriction to the Universe. You see the Universe mirrors back to us exactly what we are putting out.

So I could see that I was spinning my wheels and didn’t even realize it. The Universe would support me in creating the dream that I saw and I was just learning how to utilize this support. The more I speak and think from a high frequency, the more I will receive a high frequency life in return. If I am experiencing happiness, it is because I am thinking happy. This translates into a true flight tracker for my life. I invite you to test it out.

I love living with the Invisible Laws of Success and improving my experience of life. How about you? If you would like to know more about how to bring success and happiness into your life so you Step Up and Step Out, just contact me. You’ll be glad you did.