Create a Vision for the Life You Would Love

7 Steps to Living the Life You Would Love

Why do we want to create a vision for our life? Do you know that everything is energy? What we put our focus on is what we get in life. Working with a vision is called the dream building process. What would you love?

You have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and 95% of them are unconscious. You don’t even know that the brain is hacking into your vision. These negative thoughts are embedded in the life you are creating. You can change that through shifting your thoughts with a powerful vision.

Putting your vision into writing empowers it. It makes it real. Start with a fantabulous vision board. Mostly people are sight learners so the teacher coming out in me says you can create a powerful visual to start then work this vision board. Putting it behind your dresser until next Jan.1st will fuel your dream half-way. Creating and working your vision with the following 7 steps will fuel it so you can create the life you would love.

Flipping through magazines, etc. to dream and get excited is Step 1.

Step 2: Cut pictures out and placing them on a board within the following categories. (Divide board in 4 quadrants.)

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Vocation &/or Hobbies
  4. Time and Money

Step 3: Sit with your vision board for 10 minutes imagining yourself being and doing the things you placed on your board.

Step 4: Write one, two or even three pages about your board. Make this writing in sentence form. No need to worry about spelling or punctuation. We are working with images….your vision….not an essay that is being graded.

Step 5: Add to the beginning…’I am the woman/man who is…’

Step 6: Add to the end…’This or something better still’ because you don’t know what doors will be presented by the Universe as you get clearer and clearer about what you want and you tell this Universal Energy what you would love.

Step 7: Work this vision.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and read it out loud.
  2. Get excited when you read it. The Universe hears the vibration of emotion rather than just words without emotion.
  3. Read this 2X a day for one month then 1X a day for the next year. This takes 5-10 minutes. Your life is worth this expended energy.

If you know how this vision that you created will come to pass, then the vision is not big enough. No kidding. The Universe will conspire with you to bring about amazing things in your life. Go for the gusto of what you would love. It’s about staying focused on your vision and not having your unconscious thoughts hack what you would love.

We all came here to share our gifts. What are your gifts and what will you do to serve others?

Many of my clients continue to get coaching to help them stay focused on their vision. They are doing amazing things for humanity and you will also. Contact me if I can support you to create your vision &/or to work your vision.

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