You Get to Choose

We are going to live our life. We only have one decision to make, however. Will we live this life on a condition based vibration or vision based vibration? The good news is we get to choose what our life will look like.

Many people view life as negative. They perceive there are bad things happening. You are correct. There are bad things that happen if that is your perception.

What we do get to choose is how we respond to the occurrences in our life. When we label something bad, we give it power over how we feel. No kidding. We can take back our power and get curious about life…our life. And how do we do this? We can get curious about what good there can possibly be in this thing we are labeling “bad.”

An example might be seen an illness we are facing such as diabetes. We can get curious about eating foods that resinates with our body like a salad and beginning an exercise program. This is honoring the earth suit that is carrying us on our Hero’s Journey.

You might know someone who changed their diet to resinate with their frequency and healed themselves. They began to have more energy. Twenty years ago, I was “labeled” as having an auto immune disease that might have taken me down a different path if I chose that paradigm. However, I chose my own paradigm and today I am climbing 6-8 miles in the mountains of Colorado. I got curious about what new way I could live that would be more exciting.

What would you love for your health? You can create that and live at that frequency. No Kidding!



Cutting the Cord

Forgiving so I could feel better about myself is not why I forgave my parents. Forgiving them was to release the energetic string that I had tied around them like an umbilical cord. It connected all three of us so deeply I was not seeing ME in the picture.

It was a dark and cloudy day at a cemetery east of Cleveland, Ohio. After spending many years in therapy trying to make sense of the various memories that were hijacking my life, I began to see that these memories owned me. I could not embody the life I saw as mine because I held them as an excuse for not being me. Confusion always popped up as my word of the day.

As confusion set-in, I would ask myself, “What did I say that offended you?” “What am I going to do differently so I experience ‘fitting in’ at work?” “Why do I always feel, ‘There’s something wrong with me.’”

And then I knew…there was something wrong with me. In spite of the many hours of talk therapy, journaling, crying, walking in nature and banging on drums, I still felt like I didn’t belong. It became all consuming to figure out what was wrong with me and what I needed to do “to fit in.”

So on that dark and cloudy day at All Soul’s Cemetery east of Cleveland, I sat by my parents grave. Yes they were buried next to each other even though they had been divorced for 20 years. Coming to one gravesite made it easy to do forgiveness.

Sitting by the headstone, I pondered the violence my young self experienced. My father had said to me on his deathbed, “Here you are the child I left crying in the crib so I could go to the bottle. Here you are taking care of me at this time of my life.”

I thought about the times I would wake in the middle of the night and my mother would be in bed with me…not my sister. I remembered the fear I felt knowing what would be next when my father cornered me in the bathroom. I thought about the time as a teen, I bolted out of bed having heard a huge ruckus and ran down two flights of stairs. Etched in my mind are the frightful faces of my younger siblings sitting at the breakfast table attempting to eat their cereal. There was my mother lying on the floor across the kitchen. My father had planted his fist in her face so hard that she and her cereal were separated. PTSD for many years to come was my reality whenever similar sounds occurred while sleeping and I would jump awake.

It wasn’t until I attended workshops at the Academy for Coaching Excellence that my journey began to make sense. I was a compassionate, caring and kind woman. I was giving away my power to the excuses I was making. The stories I was telling myself were more powerful. Once I accepted that I am not my stories, I began to see the endless possibilities for my life.

Experiencing little emotion behind the thoughts was my indication that healing had occurred. I had cleared at a cellular level and was ready to move on when the string binding the victim to the story was severed. I was ready to infiltrate my life with friends who loved me and experiences that shifted the rumination of all that had occurred in my formative years.

More than anything, I was ready to cut the umbilical cord and free my parents to rest in peace. Saying  without anger that my parents did the best they could with what they had at that time of their life was more powerful. Releasing them from the cable that had held them to me was freeing. I knew that I loved them for who they were…my life bearers.

Throughout my mother’s last days, black birds became a sign for me. They would sit in the trees in my backyard, appear when I was in nature and show up while I was driving to visit her. Wouldn’t you just know it? There they were at my parent’s gravesite to confirm that I was on the right path. The dark and cloudy day turned to a sunny day…really…the sun came out and I could feel the warmth.

Everything is energy. I was determined to use the energy of my caring, compassionate self to make a difference rather than continue using the energy of my victim stories. I was going to rock and roll with the difference I was here to make. No kidding!

5 Unexamined Assumptions: Can You Relate?

Do you have Unexamined Assumptions taking you out of the “game of life?”

What is the one gift that you came here to share and you know your life makes a difference?

Suppose, just suppose that you knew you were more powerful than your experience at this moment. Would it be alright with you to see this power expressed? Would it be alright with you to know that if you can see it for yourself, you can be it, do it, have it?

It has taken me a long time to be alright with my personal power. After all, I have this inner critic hijacking my power every moment of the day. Guess what?  So do you. We all do. It’s in our DNA to have our brain telling us what to do or not to do to keep us safe?

So what is in our DNA? The conversations that we have been listening to for the better part of our life. The conversations that we hear over and over. We hear them so often that we think they are true.

For example: “I don’t have what it takes to do this.” “I don’t have enough money.” “I shouldn’t bother because it has been done many times before.” ” No one’s going to care anyway.” “There isn’t enough time.”  If one or more of these phrases is part of your stream of thought, welcome to the human race. Every single human being has one or more of these phrases running their lives unless they have learned to shift their focus to what is more important to them. What are your Unexamined Assumptions to shift your focus from?

So the question to ask yourself is, “What do I choose to focus on?” This:  “No one is going to care.” or this  “I am going to start the business I’ve always dreamed of?”

Marianne Williamson once said,” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world.”

Step Up Step Out book coverWhat is yours to do in 2017? What are your Unexamined Assumptions that are hijacking your should? Don’t rust away like an antique. Step Up Step Out and do what you
came me to do in this lifetime.

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Translate Stinking Thinking into Translatable Gratitude

Translate Stinking Thinking by shifting fear to gratitude for Mother Earth.

There is nothing wrong in life except the way we translate our thinking. We can use our thinking in an empowering or disempowering way. Empowered thinking is expansive with possibilities. Disempowered thinking is contractive, has few possibilities and is a lower frequency. So often, I think everything is ‘tanking’ and then BOOM…such amazing things come out of what appeared to be awful. Thinking more empowering thoughts is like buying an outcome you want.

Facts are just facts. I remember once having a conversation with the CEO of a company that teaches the principles of success. I was lamenting facts in my life and how I just couldn’t see a way out of them and couldn’t shift to what I wanted. To quote him he said, “Listen to what you are saying. Now I’d like to invite you to translate  everything you just said by writing the sentences on a piece of paper one sentence per line. Then go back to each sentence and indicate if it was of high frequency or low frequency.” By then I knew about frequency in relation to my life but this was new to relate frequency to my language.

The good student that I am, I did exactly as he told me to do. Next, he asked me to circle each sentence that was of high frequency. Out of my 20 sentences, I had 4 high frequency sentences. The rest were condition based with no opportunity for what I would love to happen. I was just whining and complaining thus sending a signal to the Universe that I wanted more constriction, anxiety and worry. Up until that exercise, I wasn’t even aware that I was mirroring constriction to the Universe. You see the Universe mirrors back to us exactly what we are putting out.

So I could see that I was spinning my wheels and didn’t even realize it. The Universe would support me in creating the dream that I saw and I was just learning how to utilize this support. The more I speak and think from a high frequency, the more I will receive a high frequency life in return. If I am experiencing happiness, it is because I am thinking happy. This translates into a true flight tracker for my life. I invite you to test it out.

I love living with the Invisible Laws of Success and improving my experience of life. How about you? If you would like to know more about how to bring success and happiness into your life so you Step Up and Step Out, just contact me. You’ll be glad you did.

Blueprint Your Life, Creating a Vision

“Only with awareness can I make use of the opportunities that are there for me.”
Mary Morrissey

Thoughts become things. That is a law of the Universe. All of us have a burning desire for something bigger and many times we create stories around this desire. They often sound like, “I’ll do it after the holidays,” or “I don’t have enough time,” or “I don’t have enough money.” What if time and money were not part of the equation on your journey to enhancing your vibration? Would you go for your dream?

We can climb mount everest one step at a time. Our burning desire will step us into action if we decide for our dream. Now is the time! Our dream is more than just possible. It is necessary.

When I stepped into my dream, it took courage. Traveling for 4 years was a shift in my wobbliness. I had to stay solid state and at the same time, I allowed my eyes to leak so my heart could open. I chose to install new paradigms and it changed the trajectory of my life. You can do that too.

What if you could revive your dream and identify the one thing you came here to do? It’s about No Regrets. Today I was interviewed on Dr. Gayle Carson’s radio show, “Living Regret Free” with 20,000 – 30,000 listeners. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be on a radio show of that magnitude with such an incredible woman, I would have told you “It will never happen. No-one is going to care about what I have to say. That’s a stupid idea.”

You see, I call these conversations ‘Dream Crushers.’ I had a dream to make a difference and at the same time I had paradigms that were hijacking my dream. Don’t we just all have those conversations? Don’t we all just see a bigger story for our lives and then take ourselves out of the game by what we say to ourselves? Perhaps we share our dream with a naysayer that feeds our paradigm and then we listen and believe the paradigm more than ever. That is why I had to get support from someone who believed in me and saw my greatness. There is greatness in you.

Bring forth your passion. Can you see what it is for you? Are you ready to take the leap regardless of what your paradigm may be saying. You can do this. You have the wherewithal to Step Up and Step Out. Now is your time.

To your greatness,

Carolyn Rose Hart

Beginning October 24th at 4pm MT and continuing for 12 weeks. (We will take the holidays off.) All calls are recorded if you cannot make a call.

Blueprint Your Life…Dream Builder Group

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Now Is the Time!

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It doesn’t seem possible that Step Up Step Out – Share Your Gifts and Be an Agent for Change launched just one year ago. So many exciting things have occurred since then. We all continue to grow and evolve as a human species by stepping up to make a difference for all life on this planet. Step Up Step Out has brought together numerous individuals for discussion and collaboration. What is yours to do?

Now is the time for all of us to experience the freedom of sharing our gifts and being agents for change. Lynne Twist in her book, The Soul of Money shows us how we can replace feelings of scarcity and guilt with experiences of sufficiency and freedom. The world needs us to use our gifts and make a difference.

What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? These words are being repeated all over the globe. Viktor Frankl once said, “Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human.” We only know a small fraction of what is true for us individually and for each other. The possibilities are endless.

What if we were aligned with our greatness and just did what is ours to do rather than waiting until we think it is the perfect time. Now is the time to Step up and out and we already are. People are getting off the couch and becoming active in their communities cleaning parks, teaching children to read, taking elderly neighbors to the store, and creating non-profits that stop human trafficking. There are over 1 million non-profits benefitting the public sector in the United States. Take a breath…’We are showing up’ in huge numbers.

My passion lies with social justice for women and the rights of indigenous people around the world. Feminine energy is in all of us, males and females. For centuries, the masculine prevailed and cities were built from brain and braun. As the energy shifts to the feminine, we are beginning to see that cities can be built through the heart. We are dropping deeper into the core of who we really are as a species. The brain and the braun of our society are preserving the flora and fauna in our world as we realize extracting oil from the earth is not only not necessary, but there are other ways to create energy. We are exponentially mobilizing to stop the abuse against women and children and men see themselves for their greatness rather than their power. Now is the time. What is yours to do? Step Up and Step Out!

If you haven’t heard, Step Up Step Out – Share Your Gifts and Be an Agent for Change is now an award winning book through the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association.

So in celebration, I am offering this ebook as a free digital download from The new ebook has colored pictures and a study guide for book groups. It is available for 5 days only as a free download.

Help me share this message, “We can step up and out without past abuse defining what we do. As the world transforms, our individual gifts are needed to make a difference in turning things around.”  Step Up Step Out is one woman’s journey to wholeness and a transition to sharing her gifts.

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Step Up Step Out Book Launch

Step Up Step Out – Share Your Gifts and Be an Agent of Change is launching on Tues., June 19, 2012.

Available on and

Today more than ever, people from every corner of the globe are questioning their reason for being on this planet at this time in history. Through her journey traveling around the world for four years, Carolyn became clear about who she is and what she came here to do in this lifetime. However, before this clarity arose in her, she had to peel the layers off her past history of child abuse to get to the core of what her gifts to humanity are.

Are you an individual who….

*Is on a path to realizing exactly what your purpose in life and personal gifts are?

*Wants to know that your life had meaning and made a difference when you leave this world?

* Wonders what may be stopping you from stepping into who you know yourself to be?

If your answer is a resounding “YES!” then Step Up and Step Out is a ‘must read’ for you!

“Hart’s insights about re-patterning life, emerging from her inner and outer journey across time and space, offer wisdom and hope for all who are stepping out as agents of change for conscious evolution.” — Barbara Marx Hubbard, visionary, social innovator, educator, cofounder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, author, Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution.

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Unexamined Assumptions – Part Two

Spiritwise refers to our inner knowing of what is ours to do at this time in history. In a previous blog, unexamined assumptions were identified as facts taken for granted that drive a belief and create an opening for consequences to show up. Some of my personal unexamined assumptions were listed and I challenged you to identify some of your own and connect with your personal Spiritwise.

Now, let’s play the “what” if game.

  1. What if people connected with other people rather than presents?
  2. What if we truly understood the “Pay Now or Pay Later” reality when it comes to recycling the recyclables?
  3. What if we made choices at the store to not take as many products that will need to be recycled? Perhaps use our own bags, buy more bulk sizes rather than individual servings, buy a water filter rather than purchasing “filtered” water?
  4. What if we carried a reusable bottle through TSA and filled it on the other side rather than buying a bottle of water?
  5. What if bottled water became a thing of the past and people were clear how empty bottles are transported across the sea to be burned in someone else’s backyard?
  6. What if we truly made an effort to help future generations “clean up” the messes we have helped to create? What if we began cleaning up these messes today?
  7. What if we cared about all life on this planet because we are all connected?
  8. What if we spent a little time reusing and remaking items from our used products?
  9. What if we had compassion for others whose homelands are flooding due to climate change and rising waters?
  10. What if home and condo owners set a challenge for themselves of having zero waste in their lives? (Or only having a tiny bag of garbage per week?)
  11. What if cities standardized their recycling programs to reduce confusion on how to recycle? (For example, all cities recycled in a similar manner.)
  12. What if it cost cities less money to recycle than to create more landfills?
  13. What if it wasn’t embarrassing to say you read a used newspaper rather than buy a new one?
  14. What if people realized, “What I do to others, I do to myself? We are all connected.”
  15. What if everyone removed themselves from Junk Mail Lists thus bringing less extraneous mail to our home mailbox?
  16. What if each family declared one week a month as “Turn Off the TV Week?”
  17. What if each family made one trip per month or per quarter to the local Household Hazardous Waste Collection site with toxic and hard to recycle items?
  18. What if each person simplified their gift giving and holiday celebrations and focused more on connecting with each other through playing board games or hiking in nature?
  19. What if everyone chose to buy local and in season foods and preserving transportation fuel for crucial purposes and future generations?
  20. What if we all ate 3-4 animal free meals a week and reduced our fat intake?
  21. What if each family grew some of their food in a small backyard garden or in pots on their patio or porch?
  22. What if everyone began to engage in deep, meaningful conversations such as, “What is that like for you?” rather than simple conversations such as, “Do you like that?”
  23. What if we helped our most valuable national resource, our children, to identify who they were with regards to their gifts, and then supported them in nurturing these talents so humanity could reap the benefits of their gifts?
  24. What if we stopped forcing all children to learn all the same things in a rote manner and nurtured the individuality of what each child is bringing to the world?
  25. What if we all looked for positive news and shared it with others?
  26. What if we all saw the incredible human beings we are to each other and appreciated each human being for their contribution to all life.

We can all make a difference for all life on this planet and we already are. What is yours to do at this time in history? Connect with your Spiritwise through questioning what you buy  in regards to who made it. Was it a child or adult being paid meager wages? Ask the question, Do I really need this or can I use something else that I already have? Stay in the knowing that our planet’s resources are being used up. Will our children’s children have the resources they need?

Congratulations for asking these tough questions!


Unexamined Assumptions

Have you ever felt a strong desire to infuse real meaning to your life? The wherewithal to make this happen is within your reach. At this time in history, we are all needed to make a difference through sharing our personal gifts. Leaving this world without expressing who you really are is truly a loss to humanity. We all can make an impact through knowing our purpose in life and the gifts we bring to the world.

 There are many ways to identify our gifts beginning with knowing ourselves, our beliefs, our passions, and our unexamined assumptions. Let’s explore this last one by trying on a different perspective of how we might live in this world and how the way we are currently showing up may be impacting our fellow human beings. I asked this very question of myself several years ago and became shocked at what surfaced in regards to my belief system, and the way the unintended outcomes of the decisions I made affected each and every moment of the day.

An unexamined assumption is a fact taken for granted that drives a belief and creates an opening for consequences to show up. One example this could be the thought pattern, “If I want something, I must need it. If I want it and need it, somehow I am entitled to have it. I have worked hard and belong to a class of people who have access to these things. Plus, things will make me happy.” Are you tethered to a life where you have convinced yourself that happiness does not exist in the manner our culture created?

Ask yourself this question: “Where are my unintended outcomes showing up?” Most often they appear in the lives of the marginalized in our society and in developing countries. We live in a world of speed and immediacy for wanting it “now” without thinking about our impact on our fellow brothers and sisters. Our greed and disconnect from other people and life forms continues to plunder Mother Earth and leave marginalized human beings thirsting to share in the so-called “good life.” Personally, I no longer want to live blindly and would like to question my every decision about the way I am living.

I would like to invite you to play with the following unexamined assumptions and to identify some of your own. Get to know your beliefs and who you are being in the world at this time of exponential change.


Just the Beginning of Some
Unexamined Assumptions

  1. My comfort is more important than the suffering of others.
  2. I have compassion for others who don’t have what I have and there isn’t       anything I can do about it.
  3. The way I am living has nothing to do with the torrential rains and drought that my fellow human beings are dealing with in their area.
  4. Climate change does not exist. I don’t need to concern myself with this. I have my own challenges to handle.
  5. Scientists will find a solution to the problems that exist. They always do.
  6. The natural world, the Earth, exists to satisfy the needs and desires of human beings.
  7. More is better.
  8. Progress is growth and growth is progress. A healthy society depends on a growing economy. It is our job to consume to generate that growth.
  9. We own the land we live on.
  10. I have worked hard and I deserve to have the luxuries of life because I have earned them.
  11. We deserve cheap gasoline so we can keep prices low and continue to live how we have been living for decades.
  12. Having many children is good. We have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. I will turn a blinds eye to the effect of having 9 billion people on the planet by 2050. After all, I won’t be alive then anyway.
  13. My children will have more material things and a bigger life than I had.
  14. One little individual can’t make a difference.
  15. I can throw things away. Where is away?
  16. It is okay to buy a lot of items as long as I recycle them. I will turn a blind eye to the cost of recycling and the use of precious fuel to do so.
  17. I won’t recycle this bottle because I don’t know what bin it goes in and I don’t want to look ignorant while I figure it out. Also, my time is too valuable for this minutia.
  18. I want a new newspaper. It is yucky reading one that belonged to someone else. What if they had dirty hands when they read it?
  19. I don’t have time to learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that swirls for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean. I throw my garbage away in the proper container bins. It never blows or lands in rivers or streams floating into the ocean to be caught in the floating junk yard created by humans.
  20. I deserve to retain my family traditions of buying presents rather than focusing on deeply connecting with my loved ones on holidays. I would rather it be about presents than people.
  21. It is tacky to wrap a gift in newspaper comics or to reuse wrapping paper.
  22. It is okay to throw away young people (in detention homes) for a mistake they made even though it is the same mistake my child made and got away with when they were younger.

How to Be an Authentic Leader

By Christine Kloser

Leadership. It means different things to different people. The word often gets tossed around loosely in reference to people who are “out in front.” But, are they actually leading? From the heights of Corporate America and the leadership of nations, to the pioneers of social movements and the leaders of small business… at this critical time in history, everyone needs to take a look at what true, authentic leadership really is.

Let me share a little about my experience as a leader and the transformation I made last week in this area. It’ll help you learn more about what I’m referring to as Authentic Leadership, and hopefully offer some insight into your own next steps as a leader in your life.

I’ve always been a leader, at least since I was 16 when I was voted the co-captain of the Majorette squad in high school. I stepped into more leadership when I was 18 and began teaching aerobics at the local fitness center. Eventually my natural ability to lead brought me to being a yoga teacher, retreat facilitator, founder of a 500+ member women’s networking group, seminar leader, author, coach, speaker, and much more.

In the past, I had a belief that in order to lead I had to be “perfect.” That nobody could know the truth about me… especially if I was struggling. That I needed to show up and shine and make sure it all looked good on the outside. In other words, my old understanding of leadership meant that I couldn’t be human, couldn’t be flawed, and couldn’t be seen as anything less than perfect. For me, that kind of leadership couldn’t last… so it didn’t.

And, last week, I was blessed to have the experience of an upleveling in my own understanding of Authentic Leadership.

Here’s what was different. I allowed myself to be HUMAN. I let my clients see that while yes, I was their Spiritual Guide and Transformational Book Coach, that I (by no stretch of the imagination) am perfect. I shared how I, too, sometimes… get mad at my husband, have a short temper with my daughter, eat too much chocolate, make poor decisions, push myself too hard, drive too fast, slack off on my exercise routine, etc.

I felt so freed up and powerful in speaking my truth in this way. Yes, I am a Spiritual Guide and Leader… and I am human. I swear the heavens opened when I truly “got” that this is the next level of leadership needed in our world.

What helped me see this was what happened after I shared. My clients (many of them in tears) shared how they were impacted by what I said. And, they began to see how THEY could step into a bigger role as a leader while bringing ALL of themselves along… their greatness, Divinity, and gifts… as well as their humanity. They received “permission” to step up and lead no matter what… because they, too, are human. It was a transformational shift for everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen one too many “leaders” who refuse to let their humanity show. Who insist on being “perfect” and believe their students won’t ever know as much as they do. I’ve seen one too many leaders who won’t allow for feedback or suggestions on how to improve their leadership ability, or hide their struggling marriage, bad habits or failures in hopes of maintaining their “position.”

Well, in my experience, this old paradigm leadership simply isn’t sustainable. Eventually the truth catches up.

So, I invite you to ask yourself how you can be a more authentic, and therefore POWERFUL leader in your life? Whether you are writing a book, running a business, or leading the Brownie Troop! Authentic Leadership will help you, and those you touch, co-create a better world for everyone.




Christine Kloser is a Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author, Intuitive and Healer whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionary entrepreneurs and authors. Her passion is fueled by her own transformation in January 2011 – when after much success as an entrepreneur – she found herself curled up in a ball on the floor sobbing because she had lost it all. Letting go of the last shred of stability and security in her life was when she discovered her truth. From that place, she fearlessly (and faithfully) went on to create the most abundant, impactful and joyous success of her life in a matter of a few short months! Christine knows how to flip the switch from “broke” to “blessed” and shares her wisdom on how to do that in her complimentary Daily Wisdom Reminders. Go to to receive your daily dose of inspiration today!