I had the good fortune to meet Carolyn during a period when I was exploring new career opportunities. Her coaching process supported me in developing both a strong vision of my goals and the important tools to making those goals reality. Carolyn’s ability to support her clients in making positive changes in their lives is strong, and her generous and kind personality makes her a pleasure to work with!” Julia Ferguson, Sustainability Consultant

Leadership Coaching

Everyone is a leader. You are, I am and so is the person on the street. The leader in you makes the difference by sharing your gifts of empowerment, compassion, and appreciation. Whether you are a new business owner, a retiree, or a CEO of a large company, coaching is for you.

Coaching is a big step especially if you have never had a coach before. Congratulate yourself for your interest in continuing to grow and serve.

What is a coach? A coach is someone who helps you see that your life can make an impact.

Through coaching, you can clarify:

  • Your vision.
  • Your strengths.
  • Your values.
  • Your Hero’s Journey.
  • What matters most to you.
  • How to transform adversity.

A coach can help you identify:

  • What has meaning for you.
  • What your next step is.

An accredited coach through the ICF (International Coach Federation) follows a code of ethics:

  • Knows confidentiality is primary.
  • Develops your trust.
  • Respects you as a gifted person.
  • Does not give advice.
  • Helps you access what you already know.
  • Holds you accountable.

Coaching is for leaders like you who want to be the best version of yourself and have no regrets.

Why coach with me?

  • I have been in the trenches and know what it takes to wake up to innate abilities and shift beliefs about adversity.
  • I transformed my life and it is my pleasure to help you transform yours.
  • I awaken possibility in people like a conductor who orchestrates beautiful music.
  • I’m committed to your best self.
  • I believe you are amazing and will step up and step out.

If you are ready to live a life you know is yours to live, schedule a conversation with me today.