Life Mastery

Are you ready to delve deeply into the principle laws of success? Yes you are. Your life is changing and your perceptions about life are changing. Your life is no longer being hijacked by paradigms that appeared to be true. You now see the light.

Life Mastery is a deep dive to accelerate your progress and enhance your results in life. You will learn skills and abilities that will give you Mastery over 6 areas of your life.

The 6 Areas of Life Mastery

  1. Intention: Accessing the power of your purpose
  2. Health: Experiencing the highest expression of well being
  3. Abundance: Living from connection with Source
  4. Manifestation: Developing the art of co-creating
  5. Love: Fostering authentic relationships
  6. Transformation: Navigating the terrain of greater possibilities

What you get when you invest in your life with the Life Mastery 6 Month Program:

  • Weekly LIVE calls for 6 months that are recorded for later listening and those who cannot make the call
  • Coaching with your burning questions
  • A complete manual and workbook for the entire course
  • Audio meditations on CD (or downloadable mp3s if you prefer)


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