Are you ready for a breakthrough for your association, organization or business? Carolyn has been speaking to groups for over 40 years and has been studying transformational principles for over 20. She has a special love of speaking to groups of people who are ready to shift the perception of what is possible. We are more powerful than we know ourselves to be.

Below is one presentation that I give that will change your organization’s perception about what is possible.

Title of Presentation: Breakthrough to Success: What Successful Professionals Apply That Makes Them Stand Out.

Program Description: As human beings, you are frequently caught up as human doings without awareness of what occurs when you go for your professional vision. Powerful meeting professionals know that self-limiting conversations are a normal human experience and are kicked in by our brains Negativity Bias. As you gain tools to help shift your paradigms, you experience ease and grace. Change occurs through awareness of the energies. As a result, your client experiences a reduction of overwhelm, ease of decision making and clarity of what is important to them. The audience has an extraordinary live event. This session will introduce a proven success system and tools for shifting the conversations that creates the “stuck” experience and holds you in discontentment.

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