What we focus on becomes our reality.

By changing the way you think, you can invite more opportunity into your life.

Through applying the transformational principles of mindset, focus and break through, Carolyn Rose Hart has helped thousands of people see powerful results, gaining clarity and confidence in their lives. She is a sought-after speaker, award-winning author, and transformational coach.

Speaker And Transformational Coach

For over 20 years, Carolyn has been studying, implementing and practicing transformational success principles. An ICF Accredited Coach and award-winning author of Step Up Step Out ®, Share Your Gifts and Be an Agent for Change, Carolyn is your go-to guide for breakthrough success

Carolyn Rose Hart is the founder of Step Up Step Out ®: a premier training, speaking and coaching organization. She is a professional member of the National Speaker Association, licensed trainer with the Academy for Coaching Excellence and accredited ICF Coach with PCC distinction.

Carolyn supports women to experience breakthrough transformations, rewiring their paradigms to lead others with resilience, collaboration and confidence.



Navigating Uncertainty: Tools to Inspire You While Out of Your Comfort Zone

We are all in this together and together we will get through this.

What would it take for you to flow through this challenge and see yourself thriving when it is over? Would you like to have proven systems in place so you can flow? What if you could stay together with the community during our Shelter in Place order?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, finding results less than what you want them to be, are not focused, or feel there is more that you are meant to be, then this is the presentation that will inspire you to take action – now!

From this presentation you will come away with:

  • A sense of calm, clarity and focus
  • An immediate action plan to inspire you to stretch beyond your comfort zone
  • A new way of achieving powerful results

Be Unstoppable: How to Have Unshakeable Confidence and Resilience Every Day

When your confidence is under constant assault, you feel drained.

From bosses, co-workers, vendors, even friends and family. Your every move is criticized, judged, and second-guessed. This nonstop barrage can sap your resilience, lead to poor work performance, and impair your relationships.

But you don’t have to be in this state!

There are specific things you can do to increase your confidence and your resilience, creating more success. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, you will discover and practice strategies and tactics to boost your confidence every day.

From this presentation you will come away with:

  • Tools that successful leaders know will catapult you to the forefront of your industry
  • 3 powerful keys to implement immediately
  • One secret power move that will make you stand out in the crowd as a confident and resilient leader.

Collaborative Leaders in Times of Change: Shifting the Conversation

As a leader, your every move is criticized, judged and second-guessed. What does it take to confidently move through change when leaders are under constant scrutiny? How can you shift your view of this barrage and continue stepping up as the leader you know you are?

In this session, you will gain specific tools to increase your confidence and shift the chatter that takes you ‘down the rabbit hole.’ Are you ready to increase engagement, productivity and teamwork? Are you ready to make the difference you know you can make?

From this presentation you will come away with:

  • Discover a strategy successful people use to shift their limiting conversations to important conversations.
  • Elevate your view of change and disruption to appreciate both sides of a conversation.
  • Gain 3 keys to empower your confidence so you can be the role-model coworkers are looking for.


“It’s not often you get the pleasure to listen to such a seasoned speaker as Carolyn. Her unique skill set and approach to public speaking allows her to connect with the audience on a personal level, anticipating the audience’s questions, and providing a foundation for the listener to bring their “better self” into reality.”  -Tim Chorley, Toastmaster’s International Member

“Carolyn Rose Hart of Step Up Step Out ® has proven to be a very valuable resource to me both professionally and personally! Carolyn brings a warm, professional demeanor to her sessions and skillfully works with her clients to move beyond the detritus that kept me from stepping into my full potential and balance. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to create changes in their life rather than just talking about them!” – Tracy M. McIlrath, Executive Success Partner

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