Be The Leader

You Were Meant to Be

What is your definition of a leader? Is it someone who leads in our political system or maybe a top level CEO? Could a leader be a person who founded and grew a successful non-profit helping thousands of people become self-sustaining? What about Nelson Mandela who led the movement to free the people of South Africa, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg who became the first United States female Supreme Court Justice? And what about you?

What if you are a leader behind the skin you are hiding in? Are you ready to shed that skin? Now is the time! You have leadership skills in you and you don’t need to lead an entire country or start a huge business to be a leader. Leaders are individuals who inspire others to be the best version of themselves and make a difference for our planet.

Quality rather than quantity is key. So it boils down to what is the best version of yourself? Thinking about this question can help you explore the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual best version of yourself.


So let’s dive deeper in to each of these aspects.

I. Mental: You have a brain…AND you are not your brain. You are more than that. The good news is that neuroscientists have found when one part of your brain ceases to function at its peak, another part will compensate. This requires you to have persistence, vision and repetition.  Here is a link to research results done at Columbia University in New York showing brain compensation.

a. Persistence: A leader never, never, never gives up. The stone age part of your brain is designed to keep you safe. In fact, approximately 80% of what you listen to in your chatter is negative. Just as you are ready to have a breakthrough, the amygdala goes to work doing its job to keep you safe. Listening to this part of the brain will cause you to stop as you tell yourself stories why your idea won’t work and believing it is true.

b. Vision: Vision includes clarity of what you would love your life look like. Clarity requires you to be in alignment with who you truly are. What is your purpose? What are your values? What are your life intentions? What is your vision? Very few people can determine the above four things on their own so I would like to invite you to seek a program or coach who will help you rock and roll with clarity.

c. Repetition: Leaders practice, practice, practice. Even the most gifted athletes practice always. Find a supportive person or group to beef up your practice schedule.


II. Physical: Are you honoring the amazing body carrying you through the Third Dimension? The following are a few suggestions to consider. I am not a medical professional but I have a strong passion for health.

a. Are you eating well? (Below is the minimum)

  1. 5-6 servings minimum of fruits and vegetables daily.
  2. Approximately 50g of protein depending on your body weight, muscle, age, activity level, etc.
  3. Healthy fats.
  4. Moderating your alcohol and sweets intake.

You may be interested a blog about changing eating patterns written by my friend Cynthia Stadd.

b. Leaders exercise in one of the following ways….

  1. 3 days a week for a minimum of 60 minutes?
  2. 6-7 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes?

c. Are you sleeping well?

  1. 8-9 hours per night.
  2. Turning off technology 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  3. Leave your phone outside your bedroom when sleeping.
  4. Use an eye mask to take you into the deeper sleep states.
  5. Reduce alcohol and caffeine and use it earlier in the day rather than before bed.

d. Leaders know they are the master of their health. Are you attending regular doctor visits and following the recommendations that work for your body?


III.  Emotional:  Leaders know that what you focus on becomes your reality. The same is true for what comes out of your mouth.

a.  Smile at others. Be amazed when they smile back.

b. Show compassion for other people’s Hero’s Journey as Joseph Campbell identified. We are all on this amazing journey to be the best version of ourselves. We have no idea of the learning another person is seeking through the way they are being and what they say.

c. Meditate. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada found that meditating for just 10 minutes a day is enough to see significant results. As long as it’s done consistently, sitting still and breathing deeply for just 10 minutes can help you concentrate better throughout the day. If you have the wherewithal to meditate 20 minutes, this will make a huge impact on your overall wellness.

d. Hobby or Passion. Dive into what makes you happy.

e. Serve others with your gift.

f. Give to others in need. It is in giving that we receive and that’s not why you want to give. Give with an open heart.

g. Lean-In. Shying away from fear begets more fear.

h. Monitor the time you are reading, watching or listening to the news. Maybe CNN is an acronym for Constant Negative News. Negative news creates more negative stories and fear in our life. Read, watch and listen to only enough to stay informed.


IV. Spiritual: It doesn’t matter what your belief system is. What matters is that you are honoring those beliefs without judging others for theirs.

a. Gratitude: Gratitude is one of the most helpful practices we can include in our daily routine. Do you keep a gratitude journal where you write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for each morning or evening? Do it once a day. Do you become present throughout your day for 30-40 seconds when you notice you are enjoying, liking or amazed by what is occurring? Try it and rewire your brain from fear and anxiety to gratitude.

b. Get out in Mother Nature several times a week at the very minimum. Walk around a lake, on a path, in the woods, etc. We are connected to Mother Earth and all living beings. Nature can have a direct impact on your well-being. If you’ve ever felt stressed, go out into nature and notice the calming effect it has on you. No kidding!

c.  Breathe deep into your belly. It will relieve stress from anxiety, overwork and fear. I once learned to breathe into my belly by laying on my stomach and breathing until my body rose up from my belly. Try it. It works.


Many successful leaders wants to live a long life contributing their gifts by serving others. When you don’t do the self care that your human experience needs, you may be successful and over time, your body will begin to show you it has been neglected. You are an amazing human being with gifts to share and leadership qualities to express. Move forward and express what is yours to express without any regrets.


Remember it’s about quality rather than quantity. If you are ready to step out as the leader you know yourself to be, identify a self-care regimen and follow it. You don’t have to be a Nelson Mandela or a Ruth Bader Ginsberg to be a leader. Just be your brilliant self and share your gifts!

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