It’s not often you get the pleasure to listen to such a seasoned speaker as Carolyn. Her unique skill set and approach to public speaking allows her to connect with the audience on a personal level, anticipating the audience’s questions, and providing a foundation for the listener to bring their “better self” into reality.

Tim ChorleyToastmaster's International Member

Given the dedication, effectiveness, and leadership role Carolyn has taken in her stand for an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence, I feel certain that Carolyn’s book and documentation of her journey will be a great contribution to the world we all dream of…

Lynne Twistfounder and president, Soul of Money Institute

I saw Carolyn speak at the District 26 Fall Training Expo in Denver October 20, 2018.  Her training helped me by identifying my self-limiting conversations. The result has helped me in both Toastmasters and while interacting with others in work.

One thing I like was her honesty and ability to be real.  I found the experience helped move me forward to accomplish the projects and goals in my life.  I would recommend Carolyn Rose Hart to anyone who wants to take a critical look at themselves and their negative thoughts.

Alan Swartz

Carolyn was very easy to listen to and her presentation was informative. I enjoyed her inter disbursement of humor and stories.

Michele Guarino

Very warm environment that allows for open communication and creativity.

Leigh Flanagin

I recently attended one of Carolyn Hart’s Vision workshops.  What a positive and invaluable experience!  Carolyn is  not only engaging personally but she also has the rare capability to present her message in an efficient, professional and focused manner.  Each point she made built on an earlier point.  She was able to keep everyone excited about their own ability to see their vision clearly – and most importantly, believe it can become reality.   I’ve attended other similarly-described self-help workshops, but I walked away thinking the presenter was really only interested in his/her own ego-validation and future sales.  But that’s not the case with Carolyn’s Vision workshop:  she was there for us and our personal futures!

Ann Moran

Thank you for your willingness to share your passion and vision for possibilities of engaging in life. I appreciate the reminder that life is a conversation, filled with inquiry and listening preferably from the heart’s knowing.

Greg SherwinBoulder Creek Community

Carolyn Hart recently participated in a women’s event at my wellness center. She is not only a gifted storyteller, but truly has an extraordinary service to share with the audience. As a nationally recognized speaker, Carolyn is warm, bright and engaging during her presentation. Additionally, she was a delight afterwards in connecting with people and sharing her knowledge. Carolyn not only helped in adding tremendous value our event, but really impacted the lives of those who attended.

Richelle KnowlesNetwork Family Wellness CenterBoulder, CO

I recently participated in a workshop lead by Carolyn Rose Hart at the District 26 Toastmasters Fall Training Expo. Her training helped me to get more clarity around the standards of integrity that are the underpinning for my personal and professional life.

The result was that I now am reminded of what these standards are for me. I especially liked her genuine and authentic approach and found the experience of her workshop to be thought-provoking. I recommend Carolyn for groups who are looking for speakers who can help participants discover and reaffirm their values and standards of integrity.

Joyce Feustelfounder, Boomers’ Social Media Tutor

Thank you very much for leading the workshop for BoulderNet this morning. It was inspiring to focus on a vision-driven life.  I’m convinced those in attendance benefited.  Thanks for such an enthusiastic workshop and for the books for the group.

Gordon GrayCareer ConsultingBoulder, CO

In Step Up, Step Out, author Carolyn Hart shares her four-year journey from wounded to gifted, from victim to liberator. Beyond the pain of pursuing the ‘American Dream’ there is an awakening that happens when Carolyn follows her calling to be an agent of change. You’ll meet a who’s who of transformational agents, and ultimately yourself, on this international trip through impermanence, the fullness of emptiness, and the stages of the healing process.

Donald EpsteinDC, author: Healing Myths, Healing Magic: Breaking the Spell of Old Illusions and Reclaiming Our Power to Heal