Why Blueprint Your Leadership Vision

How Designing Your Leadership Life is a Game Changer

Do you create your day as you first awaken or do you progress with your day and leave everything to chance. Are you creating a life by design or by default? With every breath you take, it is leadership by design that is vision-driven or leadership that is condition-driven. Every day, you create your life and you have the opportunity to create the life you desire.

I want to tell you a wonderful story told by my friend, Jean Houston. ‘A man was walking in a botanical garden and glanced down at a cactus plant. He hears a little voice, “Mister, mister, I’m a princess trapped in a frog’s body. All you have to do is kiss me and I will turn into my princess self, and will give you any pleasure you desire.” The man bends down and puts his hand out and the frog jumps on his hand. He brings the frog up to his mouth, and then he puts the frog in his pocket. He hears this muffle, “Mister, mister, you don’t understand. I’m a princess trapped in a frog’s body. All you have to do is kiss me, and I’ll turn into my princess self and give you any pleasure you desire.” He holds the frog up close to his mouth again and says, “At my age, actually, I would rather have a talking frog.”

What I love about this story is that most people think they should want what others have. Do you believe that if your society or your family think you should be living a certain way, you need to do it? Here’s the deal, you get to decide for your life. You get to decide what matters to you.

Let me tell you a little about my life. As a young child, I was a follower. I was afraid to do something different for the fear people would question what I was doing or question who I was. I was afraid they would look at me as if to say, ‘You’re really an odd bird.’ Now I can see this fear was keeping me small. I was being a follower trying to do everything that everybody else did so that I would fit in. I realized that fitting in isn’t the name of the game. Deciding for my life is the name of the game.

Today, I’m not much of a follower. As you probably have figured out, I’m not very good at following rules either. For me, it’s about tuning into what’s unique about me and honoring what’s important. This is key. It’s not about following. So much of our society is based on wanting what other people want…keeping up with the Jones’.

Be willing to just make a decision and go with it. There’s no magical money machine. You must decide for your dreams and follow proven systems of success in the way others have experienced success. It’s really important to try to get as clear as you can about what you want, not just because someone else says they want it for you, but what you truly want to design for your life. In my up and coming book, Step Up Step Out, Action Steps Leaders Use in Times of Change, I delve into these proven systems of success.

In 1929, William Lamb had a vision to build the Empire State Building. At the height of the depression, they built it in 18 months. It did not depend on the conditions of the world when it started. It depended on their will to do it. Lamb had the vision and conditions were not going to stop them. William Lamb drove the project. The Depression wasn’t going to stop the building of the Empire State Building. He could see it in his mind’s eye and he drew up the plans. If you can see it in your life, you can be it, do it, have it. Draw up your Life Blueprint that is in your mind’s eye.

What in your life has been put on hold due to your current conditions? Might there be the will and wherewithal for you to move that vision forward? What step can you take at this moment that will move you closer to this dream? Now is the time! Take the step and watch what happens for you.

It’s about making a decision. A thermometer reads the temperature of a room. A thermostat sets that temperature. Your vision is your thermostat. Your thought processes are your thermometer.  Suspend disbelief, pay close attention to your thermostat and remember, there is only one thing you can change and that is your thoughts. That is the Law of Thinking.

Here’s the deal…there really is enough for all of us on this planet. When you see there really is enough for everyone, the question becomes why do some people not have ‘enough?’ What is going on is a distribution problem and a thought problem. Some people don’t see that they’re able to have what other people have because of limiting conversations. Likewise, there’s a Law of Receiving. You can receive anything you absolutely have your heart set on. You can bring that into your life. Draw your blueprint, infuse it with passion and finally take action on it.

You can’t stop thinking, even though you might want to try to stop thinking. You can regulate what quality goes into those thoughts. You’ll discover there’s a scientific way of thinking. What are you thinking? There are ways of thinking that are contractive. Guilt and resentment are contractive thoughts. Is there something in your life that is creating guilt, resentment, or anger? Have you addressed those thoughts that contract you? If there’s guilt and resentment, I highly recommend addressing it because it could be the piece that is holding you back. It could be stopping you from receiving the riches of your life.

Much of our culture looks at sacrifice as, “I’ve got to give this up,” but it might mean that you can gain something. You can give up something of a lower nature, something that no longer serves you and open up the energy for something greater to come into your life. Something of a higher nature.

I’d like you to make a complete list of everything that you’re spending your time and energy on, and notice everything you are doing in your life. Is it moving you in the direction of the vision you see for your life? If it isn’t, let it go. Let that piece in your life just flow out gently. It’s no longer needed.

We’re all born with mental faculties: imagination, intuition, memory, perception and reason. These mental faculties become contractive when your thoughts override them. When you see that what’s contained in yourself is the capacity for endless success you can examine it and create the image in your mind that you see. That is your vision (your Blueprint). Explore what you’re really capable of.

Take time today to ask yourself, “What would I love to create today, next week, next year, in three years?” Write it down and look back throughout your day or throughout your week to see if you are creating what you desire. In doing this, you are impressing your creation on the realm of all possibilities. It’s all about clarity of intention.

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