You Get to Choose

We are going to live our life. We only have one decision to make, however. Will we live this life on a condition based vibration or vision based vibration? The good news is we get to choose what our life will look like.

Many people view life as negative. They perceive there are bad things happening. You are correct. There are bad things that happen if that is your perception.

What we do get to choose is how we respond to the occurrences in our life. When we label something bad, we give it power over how we feel. No kidding. We can take back our power and get curious about life…our life. And how do we do this? We can get curious about what good there can possibly be in this thing we are labeling “bad.”

An example might be seen an illness we are facing such as diabetes. We can get curious about eating foods that resinates with our body like a salad and beginning an exercise program. This is honoring the earth suit that is carrying us on our Hero’s Journey.

You might know someone who changed their diet to resinate with their frequency and healed themselves. They began to have more energy. Twenty years ago, I was “labeled” as having an auto immune disease that might have taken me down a different path if I chose that paradigm. However, I chose my own paradigm and today I am climbing 6-8 miles in the mountains of Colorado. I got curious about what new way I could live that would be more exciting.

What would you love for your health? You can create that and live at that frequency. No Kidding!

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